Building Quality Machine Bases Since 2003

Established in 2003, Machine Bases Unlimited dba Gibson Custom Welding & Hydraulics, Inc in Marmaduke, AR realized that there was a need for quality machine bases for washer extractors in facilities such as motels, laundromats and more. We provide the laundromat industry with quality, sturdy machine bases with customer service in mind. We build machine bases exclusively for distributors only.

With years of experience of custom welding, our machine bases are shipped nationwide and internationally to customers in need of quality bases for their commercial washers and washer extractors.

We build bases for a variety of brand name companies, such as Speed Queen, Maytag, ADC, and more! We can construct bases to fit all models and sizes as needed. We've served businesses such as motels, laundromats, hospitals and more around the globe.

At Machine Bases Unlimited, our customer is our priority. We'll work hard to meet your needs and schedule.

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